EDIUS SP-SDI – Το απόλυτο real-time σύστημα επεξεργασίας αναλογικού, ψηφιακού και HDV βίντεο


Η λύση HDTHUNDER, είναι ιδανική για την διαχείριση SD και HD SDΙ-based ροή εργασίας, παρέχοντας παράλληλα full resolution video/audio preview μέσα από HDMI θύρα. Σε συνδυασμό με το πρόγραμμα επεξεργασίας EDIUS, το HDTHUNDER, μπορεί να διαχειριστεί σε πραγματικό χρόνο οποιοδήποτε broadcast ποιότητας ή μη, video format.


  • Real-time, mixed-format editing of analog, DV, HDV, and SD-SDI input/output for connectivity with a broad range of devices, and real-time monitoring from EDIUS editing software (included)
  • Real-time SD/HD resolution, aspect ratio, and frame-rate conversion and output, including 16:9 to 4:3 and NTSC to PAL
  • Real-time SD/HD effects, keyers, transitions, and titles
  • High-quality proprietary software codecs, including award-winning Canopus HQ software codec
  • Extensive analog and digital video equipment inputs/outputs, including RS-422 control and external reference sync input
  • Hardware-based line scaling for pristine HD video output
  • Real-time, full-resolution, full-quality component SD and HD video output
  • Filtering and noise-reduction technology for analog input
  • High-speed HDV timeline export, built for multi-core and multi-CPU technology
  • Supports newer file-based formats, including Infinity JPEG 2000, XDCAM and XDCAM EX, P2 (DVCPRO and AVC-Intra), and GFCAM
  • Bi-directional analog/DV conversion from any Windows NLE
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems

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