Friday, October 07, 2011

Η αναβάθμιση του EDIUS 6.05 είναι  διαθέσιμη από την Grass Valley

Grass Valley EDIUS 6.02Πρόσφατα η εταιρεία Grass Valley, διαθέτει την αναβάθμιση ver.6.05, για όλους τους εγγεγραμμένους χρήστες EDIUS6, περιλαμβάνοντας πλήθος βελτιώσεων.

Η έκδοση EDIUS v6.05, υποστηρίζει το εξής Hardware της Grass Valley:

  • IEEE 1394 FireWire controllers
  • ADVC1394, ACEDVio
  • STORM Mobile
  • STORM 3G
  • STORM 3G Elite
  • HDSTORM Series
  • HDSPARK Series
  • EDIUS NX Series
  • EDIUS SP Series
  • EDIUS SD/HD Series (RX-E1 hardware)

Πιο συγκεκριμένα, από την έκδοση 6.03, οι βελτιώσεις αφορούν τα εξής:

  • Fixed issue with material in P2 DVCPro which has been captured with FinalCutPro not being able to be loaded properly by EDIUS.
  • Fixed issue with crash of DiscBurner while creating disk with DiscBurner.
  • Fixed issue with color not being displayed correctly when importing ProRes file.
  • Fixed issue with a certain ProRess file being squeezed and displayed after loading it.
  • Fixed issue with a certain MOV file in DVCPRO format not being able to be imported into EDIUS.
  • Fixed issue with response being decreased when transfering clip in P2 card from source blowser to Bin on background.
  • Fixed issue with PosterFrame displayed in Bin being changed when In Point is changed from Player.
  • Fixed issue with taking a long time to load a certain project file.
  • Fixed issue with freeze when a lot of HQ clips are placed on timeline and waveform cache is displayed.
  • Fixed issue with localized representation in multilingual environment.
  • Fixed issue with pulldown information not being written into AVI file.
  • Fixed issue with pulldown information not being configured in a certain project.
  • Fixed issue with pulldown information not being written when capturing it to MXF.
  • Fixed issue with driver not being uninstalled when uninstalling EDIUS.
  • Added support for pulldown format in proxy file.
  • Fixed issue with valid capture margin not being set when timeline cursor of in/out point that has been specified when capturing tape and FD/NFD of tape are different.
  • Fixed issue with material of 23.98 over 59.94 not being loaded properly when loading the material into a project of 23.98p.
  • Fixed issue with drop shadow not being displayed correctly when still file is dropped from Explorer.
  • Fixed issue with still image not being able to put it before timeline cursor when dropping the still file from Explorer.
  • Fixed issue with freeze when playing after using mask filter to add edge to keyframes.
  • Fixed issue with timeline playback being stopped when background transfer is completed.
  • Fixed issue with PAN settings being changed to default by UNDO when audio clip on timeline is set to monaural.
  • Fixed issue with high-resolution being displayed as off-line clip in Bin when only high-resolution is imported from XDCAM.
  • Fixed issue with crash when replacing the existing transition with SMPTE Enhanced Wipe transition on information palette.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to create proxy when AVI file which contains pulldown information of a certain material of 23.98p over 59.94 is loaded by a project of 23.98p.
  • Fixed issue with time code not being recognized at T2 when a certain HQ/HQX file is exported to T2 via FTP.
  • Changed default mode for Key-frame of file setting dialog from Bezier to Line.
  • Fixed issue with a certain MSDV file not being able to be played in Windows Media Player when it is converted into Canopus DV codec.
  • Fixed issue with some of the shape being missed when moving a certain form of shape with Mask Filter.
  • Fixed issue with H.264 file exported by MEDIAEDGE/HDMA-4000 preset not being able to be played in HDMA-4000.
  • Fixed issue with clip being offline when a project is being trimmed and consolidated after checking out the project with trim option.
  • Fixed issue with right-click menu not being displayed when dragging and dropping audio file from Explorer to timeline.
  • Fixed issue with offline clip not being able to be restored when choosing "Only timeline" as transport target for option while checking out Transport and Edit.
  • Updated USB-Serial driver bundled with a disc to the latest version.
  • Fixed issue of a partially transferred clip not being imported into a project folder when checking in the clip that has been added to checked-out project and partially transferred.
  • Fixed issue with feedback image of clip that is being dragged not being output when there is no audio track on timeline.
  • Fixed issue with noise being generated when using QuickTitler and the value of z-axis of light source for emboss to a certain shape is set to positive value.
  • Fixed issue with audio not being output properly when recording voice-over from HD-SDI.
  • Fixed issue with ticker of TitleMotionPro becoming the same operation when putting Slide A and Slide B respectively on the ticker.
  • Fixed issue with the setting of the PinP not being preserved in the user preset.
  • Fixed issue with current time code not being able to be selected when mounting clip that is being edited simultaneously on player window.
  • Fixed issue with voice-over which uses input from STORM 3G not being output properly.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to quit EDIUS properly when creating wave form cache and then attempting to quit EDIUS.

Για οποιαδήποτε επιπλέον απορία ή διευκρίνιση, μπορείτε να επικοινωνήσετε με το τμήμα εξυπηρέτησης πελατών της

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