VideoStar VISTITLE – Το απόλυτο εργαλείο γεννήτριας χαρακτήρων

Videostar Vistitle for EDIUS

Η ιδανική λύση για την δημιουργία κινούμενων τίτλων και διαδρομών (routes), γρήγορα και εύκολα.


VisTitle Key Features
• Work with CPU+GPU. Fully take advantage of multi-core technology.
• Support standard UNICODE text
• Smooth and accurate floating point based transformation. Ease of up/down-conversion.
• Advanced anti-aliasing and anti-flicker techniques.
• All the texts and graphics are shaped with Bezier curves. Ease of adding/deleting/adjusting the curve knots. Itis extremely helpful in designing the customized shapes and graphic combinations.
• Innovative Boolean operations with objects(add, subtract, union and intersect)
• Unlimited Face, Edge, Depth, and Shadow elements combinations. It is simply to create different styles, such as
neon, 3D, multi-edge, multi-shadow, beveled, etc. Thanks to the powerful engine, all the titles are rendered in vector. It allows the user to alter, transform the titles without ruining the original information.
• Unlimited object groups. Positioning, scale, rotation, adjusting pivot and shearing are still available after grouping
• Lots of alignment styles. Support applying different settings to the different elements, from a single character to a paragraph. Support path text and deformation with curves.

VisTitle Effects
• Fully keyframeable positioning, scaling, rotation and effects adjustments in a true 3D space.
• Fully keyframeable GPU- accelerated effects.
• All the effects are rendered in realtime, such as page rolls, ripples, explosion, lens flare, light stripes and so on.
• Animated In/Out by a single character, line or as a whole.
• Customized In/Out styles, such as Loop, slow-motion, masking, underlay, 3D scroll and more.
• Support dynamic texture on any text with unique GPU rendering engine.

VisTitle Interface
• With a good understanding of users’ mental models, VisTitle has an intuitive interface. Fully Undo/Redo and WYSIWYG. Unrivaled realtime performance and preview monitoring.
• Automatic alignment of objects and text using smart guidline snapping technology.

• Intuitive and easy timeline editing
• A lot of textures, patterns, light effects, gradient colors, objects, images, animations, and effect templates are available

VisTitle Cooperation
• Seamlessly integrated with Grass Valley EDIUS non-linear editing software
• Simply drag and drop the desired template onto the timeline from dedicatedly EDIUS title template library
• Modify the texts directly on the EDIUS timeline. With the Mini-title editor, it is convenient to set
still/dynamic properties, duration, scroll out duration and ‘the last line pause duration’
• Drag and drop the HD/SD title templates onto the track and they can be converted to match the project
• The animation clips and dynamic texture clips which are dedicated designed for EDIUS can be played back in realtime.

VisTitle Subtitles
• Several text file (with/without timecode) importing/Exporting methods. Ease of subtitles modification.
• Ease of subtitle design, such as single-line, double-line, vertical, horizontal, path text and so on. 

Ο δικτυακός τόπος για την εκπαίδευση στην εικόνα & τον ήχο
Grass Valley EDIUS 6.5
Προηγούμενη Σελίδα Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα Εκτύπωση Σελίδας Κορυφή
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